As the name suggests, the UAE Dirham is the official currency in the United Arab Emirates and as of 2022 holds the torch for being the currency with the most historically stable exchange rates in the world. Just like any currency, the UAE dirham is also a direct reflection of the unprecedented economic growth and strength of the Arab emirates and has strengthened proportionately overtime to build its characterized stability, making it one of the safest plays for forex investment options.

The UAE Dirham to PKR has had a calm and steady rise in exchange rate over the past 5 years as UAE’s economy has steadily and consistently grown with economic factors favoring its currency significantly as compared to Pakistan which has had a rocky performance owing to political and economic instability. The Dirham to PKR started from PKR 28.32 to 1 UAE Dirham in 2017 and grew by 80-90% in 2019 to PKR 42.16 to 1 UAE Dirham owing to rapid economic progress. During 2020 and 2021, owing to COVID surprisingly benefiting the Pakistani economy due to export orders, the exchange rate of UAE dirham to PKR remained surprisingly stable, only rising to PKR 48.19 per UAE dirham in 2021. However, as UAE started to recover strongly from the pandemic and had all the juicy tourism forex flow in from all the over the world coupled with weakening political and economic scenario in Pakistan, it made a startling recovery, going as high as 64.5PKR per UAE Dirham during the 3rd quarter of 2022 which indicates UAE is strong and back up on its feet again with a forecasted 10-20% increase in the UAE dirham to PKR exchange rate within 6 months.