The Bahraini Dinar / BHD is one of the most highly valued currencies in the world and tops the charts at the second highest most valued currency in the world only after the USD. The famous BHD derives all this value from the rich oil and gas resources and related exports of the country as well as being heavily invested and focused in the tourism and financial sectors. (USD Dollar to PKR) This means that the BHD does have some volatility depending upon the fluctuation in the global oil prices. This is evident from the exchange rates of the BHD over the past 5 years starting from 2017 when it was 1 BHD=281 PKR. As the position of oil improved and local tourism in Bahrain was promoted, it improved to 369 PKR for 1 BHD. 2019 marked the third consecutive year of BHD appreciation against the PKR when it rose to PKR 410=1 BHD. However as 2020 approached and COVID significantly impacted the global tourism industry, Bahrain was also adversely impacted yet managed to stay stable at 426 PKR =1 BHD. Today the rate of 1 BHD hovers around 596 PKR which is a noticeable improvement and a great reflection of the rebound from the destruction caused by the COVID era.