Pound has remained one of the most powerful currencies to date, going toe to toe with the USD more often than once due to the sheer volume and much famed English stability that the UK is known for, to this currency. As a result despite having less economic activity at its back than the US Dollar, the Pound has become a force to be reckoned with, having an exchange rate that Is on par if not stronger than the US Dollar (USD to PKR).

The pound to PKR or GBP to PKR aka Pound sterling to PKR is an exchange rate that whilst living in Pakistan, you’ll be coming across every day. The Pound to PKR exchange rate has much like every other exchange rate has had a truly rocky history in the past 5 and even the past 10 years. Starting off from a very modest PKR 141.72 against 1 Pound, the pound sterling strengthened significantly against the PKR and increased to 178.83 PKR against 1 Pound in 2018. Continuing it’s steady pace of upwards revaluation against the PKR, the PKR to pound in 2019 rose to 199.25 PKR per Pound and this was perhaps the last significant increase as from 2020 the impact of COVID significantly impacted UK’s economy for the worse. Despite that, the pound to PKR was slightly improved as 1 Pound sterling was equal to PKR 215 in 2020 which was a feat for the pound considering the level of economic turmoil it was dealing with. The economic folly only worsened in 2021 when the Impact of the Pandemic was felt hard till june, after that till December the situation had a lot more positive outlook making the 1 Pound equal to PKR 234.32 in 2021. As of the current time period, the pound has regained much of what it lost during COVID and has also recovered nicely against the PKR despite one of the most worst historic economic crunches ongoing in the UK. The Pound has still strengthened against the poorly performing PKR and the latest exchange rate is PKR 269.67 for 1 GBP/ Pound Sterling as of 2022.